Tuesday, 28 August 2012

CME Directory Services

CME provides different types of directory services to IP phones:
  1. Local Directory
  • CME creates a local directory which is presented to each IP Phone registered.
  • This local directory includes all ephone DNs created in CME.
  • In addition, numbers can be added to local directory manually by CME admin.
  • Phone user can browse this directory as follow:
  1. Press Directories feature button on the phone
  2. Select Local Directory
  3. Type the First/Last name of the targeted user to search for. In case those fields left blank, all users in local directory will be displayed
  • The local directory page is displayed to phone user in XML format accessed using HTTP without password protection. Once Directories button pressed, the phone will send HTTP request to CME for URL http://#CME-IP#/localdirectory. CME will parse the URL and realize that user is requesting local directory page and will respond with XML one.
  • This URL will be provided to phone Directories feature button as part of phone configuration file during phone registration.

  1. External Directory
  • Each feature button in IP Phone (Messages, Directories, Settings, etc) supports URL association
  • The function of the button will be based on the associated URL
  • Based on the above, you can assign external URL to Directories feature button. Once this is done, IP Phone will be browsing an external directory instead of local directory in CME
  • Once external directory URL is created, local directory services will be automatically disabled in CME

                      Note: For the IP Phone to get the new URL, it should be rested.

  1. Called-Name Display
  • This feature enables the display of called-party name on called-party phone
  • The called-party name is obtained from local directory. This can be the name assigned to ephone DN or manually added to local directory.
  • In case of overlap between ephone DN name and manual directory entry, the manual entry will take precedence.


 service dnis dir-lookup
 directory entry 1 5001 name Eng
ephone-dn  1  dual-line
 number 5001 secondary 5002
 name BAQARI-DN1
 preference 1 secondary 2
Configuration Template

ip http server
 directory {first-name-first | last-name-first}           !!!... Change the display mode of directory entries
 directory entry {directory-tag number name name | clear}           !!!... Manually add directory entries
 no service local-directory           !!!... Manually disable local directory services
 url directories url           !!!... Configure external directory URL
 service dnis dir-lookup           !!!... Enable called-name display feature
voice register global
 url directory url
ephone-dn dn-tag
 name name
voice register dn dn-tag
 name name


  1. Configuring external directory service only works with non-Java based phones. Any Java based phone will display duplicate directories for the following:
  • Missed
  • Received
  • Placed
  1. In case you want to use CUCM as external directory, the phones should be configured in CUCM to realize their MAC addresses. Its not necessary for the phones to register with CUCM or to assign DNs but they have to be configured for MAC address purpose.