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UCCX - Understand & Configure HTTP Contacts

HTTP contact is similar to call contact which is triggering a script to run, however; in this case UCCX will accept web contact/trigger to run the script. The user should browse a URL that is configured in UCCX as http trigger.
HTTP trigger will link to an application that is associated with the script that contains http steps. 
UCCX uses port 8080 for http trigger and the URL should follow the following format: http://(UCCX-Name or UCCX-IP-Addr):8080/(URL) The (URL) variable will be explained below.
You may need to map the IP and/or perform port redirection in order to publish this page for internet or intranet users (specially port redirection since normal users don't prefer to type ports in the URL). This can be done with NAT devices such as routes or firewalls and UCCX functionality won't be affected.
Below are the steps to create HTTP contact:
1. Create and upload a script (we will assume that its already present and uploaded to UCCX) 2. Create an application and associate it …

UCCX - Agent State after Call Completion

Below diagram explains how agent state will change after completing ACD call.

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