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Cisco HWIC EtherSwitch (ESW) Module - QoS Support

Caller ID Display over ISDN PRI - PART 2

Mapping ISDN Display/Facility IEs to H323/SIP/MGCP Protocols
Mapping to H323 is one-to-one job since both ISDN and H323 are using same functional structure. -ISDN Display IE will be sent directly as H323 Display IE -ISDN Facility IE will be converted to H323 Display IE (after enabling the required features).
We just mentioned that “since Facility IE isn’t recognized by phone or CUCM” !! Then if CNAM is received over the PRI trunk as facility IE and CNAM as supplementary service isn’t enabled on the gateway, facility IE will be forwarded to CUCM without decoding and CNAM won’t be displayed since Facility IE isn’t recognized by phone or CUCM H323 Trunk
However, two features have been introduced in IOS 12.4(11)XW to fix this problem:
1.When a Q.931 Setup message with a "name-to-follow" indication is received from an ISDN switch, the gateway can buffer the setup message until the subsequent Q.931 Facility message with calling name information is received. The name information from the…