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CUCM Assistant (IPMA) Feature

UCM Assistant Functionality and ArchitectureUCM Manager Assistant (or called IPMA) feature consists of three components: Cisco IP Manager Assistant service (IPMA service), the assistant console, and manager console (IP Phone interface). Cisco IP Manager Assistant serviceOnce IPMA service is activated on UCM server, it will check to see whether this server is the primary IPMA. This is done by comparing server IP to Cisco IPMA Server (Primary) IP Address service parameter.  If it is, IPMA service attempts to become the active one. Currently, a UCM cluster supports only one active IPMA, i.e active/standby redundancy model The Cisco IP Manager Assistant service performs the following tasks: ·Communication with assistant console and manager console through HTTP protocol (Tomcat) ·Call routing decision in IPMA proxy-mode based on manager filter configuration (in shared mode this is not applicable and filter will be showing down in assistant console). More details are provided later. ·Passing ca…