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CME IPv6 Support

I have captured few notes from Cisco articles about IPv6 support for CME and thought to share them.

CME provide support for IPv6 for SCCP phones ONLYstarting from version 8.0. The following SCCP phones and devices are supported on IPv6: 7911, 7931, 7941G, 7941GE, 7961G, 7961GE, 7970G, 7971G, 7971G-GE, 7942, 7962, 7945, 7965, 7975, SCCP analogue gateway, Xcoder, and Hardware Conference devices.
CME can run in IPv4 mode only, IPv6 mode only, or Dual-Stack (both IPv4 & IPv6).
telephony-service  ip source-address {ipv4 address | ipv6 address} port port [secondary {ipv4 address | ipv6 address}
 protocol mode {ipv4 | ipv6 | dual-stack [preference {ipv4 | ipv6}]}
telephony-service protocol mode dual-stack preference ipv6 .... ip source-address port 2000 ip source-address 2000:A0A:201:0:F:35FF:FF2C:697D
Restrictions in IPv6
Multicast MOH isn't supported in IPv6 phonesIOS TFTP server isn't supported in IPv6MWI Relay & Presence Server are supported in IPv4…

Real Time Protocol Umbrella

Real Time Protocol
RTP protocol is used to carry the voice and video streams between the endpoints. As mentioned in other sections, in CUCM system, RTP stream will flow directly between endpoints. However, in CME system, RTP stream will flow directly between endpoints ONLY if both endpoints are local to CME. In case one endpoint resides in different cluster, CME will act as MTP/CUBE between both endpoints (i.e, Endpoint A <-----> CME <-----> Endpoint B).
RTP protocol is UDP based with RTP header attached to it. The payload of RTP packet is the audio/video signals.

CME Localization Support

Localization is used to define phone parameters on country bases. Those parameters can be language to use for text displays (user-local) or country-specific tones and cadences (network-local).  CME has built-in system-locals for 16 countries and 12 languages.
For SCCP phones: For 7905, 7912, 7940, and 7960 phones, system-locals files are preloaded in IOS. Only remaining is to apply the desired localization.For 6921, 6945, 7906, 7911, 7921, 7931, 7941, 7961, 7970, 7971, 8941, 8945, and Cisco IP Communicator phones, system-locals files should be uploaded to IOS (obtained from site). The next step will be applying the desired local.
For SIP phones localization has been introduced in CME 8.6. But you need to upload the local files for system-built locals (this is applicable for all SIP Phones types).
CME has an option to create user-defined locals. Those will allow to create custom parameters (user/network locals) and upload their own files.
Important Note ab…