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Toll Fraud Prevention in IOS 15.1(2) / CME 8.1

I did an upgrade for the IOS of my voice gateway / CME from 12.4T(24) to 15.1(2). I have noticed couple of features introduced related to Toll Fraud Prevention which changed the way how VGW handles incoming calls.

IP Address Trust List
IP address trusted authentication process blocks unauthorized calls to be made through VGW.  VoIP (SIP/H.323) calls will succeed only if the remote IP address of an incoming VoIP call is successfully validated from the system IP address trusted list. System IP address trusted list is built automatically based on session target addresses of VoIP dial-peers (assuming that dial-peer status is UP). Addresses can be added manually as well to trusted list to be used for validation of incoming calls.
If the IP address trusted authentication fails, an incoming VoIP call is then disconnected by the application with a user- defined cause code and a new application Internal Error Code 31 message (TOLL_FRAUD_CALL_BLOCK) is logged.
Note: The voice IEC error messages a…