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CME Directory Services

CME provides different types of directory services to IP phones: Local DirectoryCME creates a local directory which is presented to each IP Phone registered. This local directory includes all ephone DNs created in CME.In addition, numbers can be added to local directory manually by CME admin.Phone user can browse this directory as follow:Press Directories feature button on the phoneSelect Local DirectoryType the First/Last name of the targeted user to search for. In case those fields left blank, all users in local directory will be displayedThe local directory page is displayed to phone user in XML format accessed using HTTP without password protection. Once Directories button pressed, the phone will send HTTP request to CME for URL http://#CME-IP#/localdirectory. CME will parse the URL and realize that user is requesting local directory page and will respond with XML one.This URL will be provided to phone Directories fe…