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CUC 9.x: Manage Recordings and Greetings

CUC provide recording capabilities for names on Users, Call Handlers, System Distribution Lists; and for greetings on Users and Call Handlers. There are two recording mechanisms which are Media Servers and Greeting Administrator.
Media Master
Media Master can be accessed in any CUC administration page which has recording capability. It offers two ways of interaction which are Phone or Computer (source of recording and playback).
In case phone is selected the user needs to designate an extension number which will be dialed by CUC Media Master (by default the user/handler primary extension is used). Once the user answers the call, the recording or playback starts based on the selected option. Also, at least one voice port should be enabled for TRaP capability. If computer was selected, the recording and playback takes place using mic and speakers.
Additionally, you can upload the recordings to Media Master server using options menu.
Media Master records WAV files with G711 codec. You c…