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CUBE URI Dialing

New features has been introduced in CUBE to support URI dialing
Enable URI Call Routing
By default CUBE will lookup the user field in the Request-URI of the INVITE message which should be made of digits. To support URI dialing, you need to enable domain-lookup call routing in the CUBE.
Domain lookup should be enabled globally or on the incoming dial-peer.Domain lookup isn't required on the outgoing dial-peer
voice service voip sip call-route url
dial-peer voice x voip voice-class sip call-route url
Inbound Dial-Peers
Inbound dial-peers can match based on SIP URI of the incoming INVITE message. The matching order is:
Top Most VIA header in INVITE messageRequest-URI header in INVITE messageTO header in INVITE messageFROM header in INVITE messageCalled Number (incoming called-number)Calling Number (answer-address)Calling Number (destination-pattern)Dialpeer 0
voice class uri voice-class-uri-tag sip|tel Specify a URI field for the voice class: host hostname-patt…

MGCP Switchover

MGCP GW sends keepalives to primary CUCM every 15 sec using empty NTFY messageCUCM acknowledges the message using 200OKIf no-response is received within 30 sec, MGCP will consider CUCM dead and will try to switchover to next CUCM. In case secondary isn’t available, the gateway can fall back to using the default H.323 session application, if it is configured.
Note: The difference between switchover and fallback. Switchover between CUCM servers while fallback will take place when all CUCM servers aren't responding.
If the Primary CUCM fails:D-channel will remain up since Q921 messages terminate on the gatewayBackhaul will go down since Q931 messages terminate on CUCMDuring CUCM Switchover, calls will be treated as follow:Active calls will be preserved because D-Channel is upNew calls will be rejected because backhaul is to CUCM is downCalls in Transition state will be clearedThe messaging will be as follow:
After NT…


MGCP TGW with PRI interfaces introduced new concept which is MGCP Backhaul. Another connection will be established between MGCP GW and CUCM over port TCP 2428. This connection will pass Q931 messages received over PRI to CUCM for processing. MGCP GW won't process Q931 messages locally. It will only terminate Q921 messages from PRI.