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Global Dial Plan Replication - Notes

Concepts In CUCM v10, new attributes were introduced to DN which are EnterpriseAlternate Number and +E164 Alternate Number. Each DN can be represented with 3 numbersFor example, the DN can be 3459, Enterprise Alternate DN 3103459, +E164 Alternate DN +97145673459 or 045673459By default Enterprise Alternate Number and +E164 Alternate Number aren't reachable locally within the clusterThis can be enabled by checking'Add to Local Route Partition' under DN configurationAssign the PT to phones CSSYou can assign Enterprise Alternate Number or +E164 Alternate Number as PSTN failoverPSTN failover will be used when the destination SIP trunk isn't reachableThis PSTN failover is applicable for called Enterprise Alternate Number, called +E164 Alternate Number or called Directory URICUCM will try to dial the PSTN failover numberCalling Phone AAR CSS will be used to reach the PSTN Failover…

SIP Call Routing

When CUCM receives SIP INVITE message this is how it's being handled