LDAP Enhancements in CUCM

  • CUCM can synchronize users and groups from LDAP
    • Introduced in version 11
    • LDAP Filter can be created for users and groups
    • Primary use to have Active Directory groups available in the Cisco Jabber contact list
  • CUCM can assign Access Control Groups to LDAP users from synchronization Agreement
  • CUCM can assign Feature Group Template to LDAP users from synchronization Agreement
    • This will assign User Profile to synched user which includes UDT and ULT
    • This will assign Service Profile to synched user which include UC Services (IMP, CUC, etc for jabber)
    • This will configure user settings such as Enable Mobility, Enable EMCC, Allow End User to Host Conference Now
    • This will allow user to run Self-Provisioning
  • CUCM can create DNs for LDAP users and assign them as primary extension using the option Apply mask to synced telephone numbers to create a new line for inserted users
    • The DNs will be based on the TelephoneNumber or ipPhone attributes configured in AD
    • A mask can be applied to these attributes to manipulate the created DNs
    • In case the synched users are missing phone numbers, CUCM can allocate DNs dynamically from pre-configured pool using the option Assign new line from the pool list if one was not created based on a synced LDAP telephone number
  • Navigate to System > LDAP > LDAP Search to integrate CUCM environment with LDAP Environment without synchronization
    • This feature will enable all endpoints and Cisco mobile and remote access clients in the enterprise to perform user searches against an enterprise directory server, even if those endpoints and clients are operating outside the enterprise firewall


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